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Conducting live polling can be a tiresome task.
However, thanks to ARS clickers you can poll your audience in real time and obtain data instantly.
With our audience response system you can create an engaging and more proactive event for you and your audience.

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ARS M52 Plus Clicker Features

The M52 plus clicker is small and lightweight, it is perfect for any event whether small or large. If you are conducting a training session, group voting, classroom polling, or even elections this clicker can meet all your needs. It has a large enough screen to display multiple characters while showing you battery, successful submission, correct answers, and even error notifications. See some of the features of this portable clicker:

  • 1 Year Avg Shelf Life
  • 100 Votes Per Second
  • 1-10/A-J Input Values
  • 1-9999 ID Numbering
  • RF 2.4GHz Transmission
  • 250ft Radius Distance
  • 250 Hours On Time
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • ABS Material
  • Battery Power Level
  • Decimal Number Input
  • Minus Symbol Input
  • Multiple Choice
  • Signal Strength
  • Up to 32 channels


ShoutPoll specializes in providing survey tools for both iPad and Android tablets.

  • Presenters can interact with the audience to create a dynamic environment.
  • Don't have enough tablets for your event? Not a problem you can simply rent from us.
  • Over 15 question types are available.
  • Create detailed reports
Survey Polling Application
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